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PING Golf Club Fitting Day – Saturday, March 27

PING Golf Club Fitting
PING Golf Club Fitting Day – Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dear GLA Family,

PING Golf returns to GLA on Saturday, March 27!

Adam Sanders will be on-site to custom-fit your new clubs just in time for the season.

Appointments are from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and are available now.

Improperly fit clubs will cost you strokes. You have to love every club in your bag.

More comfort and confidence comes from knowing you’re going to flush it every time!


Ben and Chad

P.S. Book your fitting on Saturday, March 27 – our last PING Fitting Day filled quickly!

Pure Your Irons [Hit Better Golf Shots]

Pure your irons: we know that ballstriking is a major separator in golf.

There aren’t many worse feelings than:

  • Hitting hosel rockets.
  • Laying the sod over top of your ball.
  • Thinning one on the bottom grove of the club.

Your game will be in a better spot if you’re flushing the ball on the center of the clubface.

If your contact is hairy and your irons are sailing all over the golf course, watch this video and start striking it solid.

Mike Sully and Kyle Bogey recently dropped by the GLA to improve their iron play.

They fixed some major issues in just one session.

You’ll gain supreme confidence that 2021 will be your best ballstriking season yet!

P.S. -45 degrees below zero is going away soon. Start training today in the winter for success in the spring and summer!

Gain More Swing Speed and Better Tempo

Dear GLA Family,

Would you choose more speed or better tempo for your golf swing?

Watch this video as Ben and Chad show you how to gain both.

Better tempo improves your center face contact. More speed yields longer shots.

You’ll play with more comfort and confidence as you flush shot after shot on the course.


Ben and Chad

P.S. Don’t put off your training program any longer! The weather will get better and the outdoor season will be here quickly.

Mullybox – Subscription Golf Box

Mullybox Subscription Golf Box
Mullybox Subscription Golf Box gets you gear and swag delivered monthly to your doorstep!
Dear GLA Family,

We’ve partnered with Mullybox to help you improve!

Mullybox delivers a fresh assortment of golf gear and training aids to your doorstep each month.

  • Newest training tools and high-end golf products.
  • Delivered on-time for one low monthly price.
  • Mullybox and Mullybox Luxury options.
GLA Students can take 25% off the first Mullybox using promo code: GLA25.

You’ll avoid the hassle of shopping and piecing things together on your own.

You’ll gain more comfort and confidence knowing your new Mullybox is arriving!


Ben and Chad

P.S. For 25% instant savings use promo code GLA25 and order your first Mullybox today.