Frustrated with your golf swing?
Experiencing anxiety and tension on the golf course?

We help beginning and average golfers gain more comfort, clarity, and confidence.


Ben and Chad welcome all types of golfers to GLA’s heated indoor golf training facility in Novi. Beginning golfers are welcome!


From the first private lesson, you’ll complete a golf skills assessment and a plan for improvement. They coach with direct and simple language, free of confusing jargon and ego.


As your physical and mental golf skills improve, you’ll gain confidence where it matters most: playing golf on the golf course!


You are guaranteed to find practical solutions that allow you to make measurable process toward your golf goals in reasonable time.

AimPoint Green Reading Certified


Beginning golfers, new golfers, and first-time students start here!

All new GLA students begin with an On-Ramp, a package of three 1-hour private lessons at a discounted price. You’ll start your GLA coaching with a skills assessment and spend time conversation with Ben Bockin or Chad Elledge.

Ben and Chad will get to know you and your golf goals better, and align your goals to GLA’s training matrix in your first golf lesson. You’ll develop a plan for improvement to build your golf skills and transfer them where it really matters – out on the golf course.

The following two sessions are private lessons that focus on skill development and instruction. As a new student, you’ll enjoy a great discount on the On Ramp package vs. straight private lessons.

You’ll end frustrating golf experiences filled with nerves, confusion, and tension. You’ll lead yourself to more comfort and confidence on the golf course!


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