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Short Game – How to Gain Control Around the Greens

Short game improvement is the key to lower scores on long, saturated golf courses.

Dear GLA Family,

Need some short game tips to navigate swampy course conditions?

It’s rained and rained and the courses are playing longer.

Playing from further away makes it more difficult to hit the green. 

Watch this video and get better at getting up and down!

You’ll learn some easy plays to get the ball close to the hole:

  • Identify your landing spot.
  • Gauge your air time / roll time. 
  • Choose the right club.
  • Learn from what the ball does.

You’ll turn those 3s and 4s around the green into 2s.

And you’ll enjoy slopping through the mud as you shoot lower scores and win more cash from your friends!

AimPoint Green Reading Workshop: Saturday July 31, 2021

Dear GLA Family,

Are you tired of misreading greens? Does your putting need better start lines and speed control?

Bottom line: do you need to make more putts?

AimPoint Green Reading is the key to more success. It’s the World’s No. 1 Green Reading System.

AimPoint takes the guesswork out of your reads:

  • You’ll learn the most reliable way to determine direction and the precise amount of break.
  • Your speed control will improve as the ball starts and stays on the proper line.
  • You’ll gain confidence as you eliminate misreads entirely.

And you’ll feel happy and satisfied when more putts start dropping  – GUARANTEED!


Ben and Chad

P.S. AimPoint is truly a game-changer: Register today.

AimPoint Green Reading
Saturday, July 31
Riverview Highlands Golf Course
Session 1: 9 – 10:30 a.m.
Session 2: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Cost: $200

Golf Expectations vs. Reality

Dear GLA Family,

Sometimes you hit great shots all day and post a high score.

Other times you score lower when you don’t strike it well.

How can this be?

Watch this video and clear your mind.

Controlling what you can control will help you:

  • Align your expectations with reality.
  • Reduce stress and tension.
  • Eliminate doubt and uncertainty. 

Your time on the golf course will be more enjoyable and your scores will begin to trend lower.


Ben and Chad

P.S. Our YouTube Channel has over 150 self-guided plays for you to gain more clarity, comfort, and confidence on the golf course. 

Metro Detroit Golfers + Golf Leadership Academy

Metro Detroit Golfers

MDG Partner Profile: Golf Leadership Academy

With the ability to access tons of information, golfers are falling in the trap of not knowing where to look when they are struggling. Focusing on trying to have the perfect swing and reading too many conflicting bits of information, the culture of golf is one of constantly jumping from solution to solution without getting to the basics. Golf Leadership Academy sets out to change that culture with their ‘mindset and skillset’ approach to coaching.

Located out of a brand-new facility in Novi, co-founders Ben Bockin and Chad Elledge take pride in aiding golfers of all experience levels, skill sets and backgrounds. A proud partner of Metro Detroit Golfers and Brand25 Media, GLA was founded in 2018 and has already helped hundreds of Michiganders and other players throughout the Midwest improve their game.

Each bringing a wealth of experience and similar coaching philosophies, Elledge and Bockin worked together to create GLA. Elledge started at caddying at Meadowbrook Country Club at 13, developing a passion for both the game itself and aiding those who play it. He has been a PGA member for 13 years, guiding pupils to wins at the junior, club and NCAA Division I levels. He is a six-time nominee for Michigan PGA Section Teacher of the Year award.

“I just really enjoy helping in any way I can. I love this game and being able to help someone in it is just incredible,” Elledge said. “When someone is able to reflect on how far they have come and then set new goals to get even better, we take a lot of satisfaction in that.”

Bockin was born and raised in Wisconsin, honing his love for golf in the Badger State. He played professionally on what is now the E-Golf Tour, earning a victory at the Vail International Pro-Am. Throughout his years playing, he soon realized he got more satisfaction out of helping others rather than focusing on his own game. A graduate from the Professional Golfers Career College, Bockin has more than 15 years of coaching experience. While students of his have won at the prep, college and pro levels, Bockin said he takes just as much pride in one of those wins as he does helping a weekend warrior see success.

“Being able to help someone who is a 36 to 40 handicap get down to 10 or 12, we take great pride in that,” Bockin remarked. “But when I get a phone call and someone simply says, ‘I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever had golfing,’ that really makes us feel good and like we’re accomplishing exactly what we set out to do.”

GLA excels at working with beginner and average golfers.

“It’s all about getting to know the goals first and then reinforcing the skills needed to achieve that,” Elledge said. “We coach a process that doesn’t focus on the outcome, but instead focuses on learning from mistakes and embracing them. That helps to lower that anxiety.”

“We offer a student-centered skill-based approach versus the swing-centric approach that is the norm in the industry right now,” Elledge explained. “We aim to bring clarity, comfort, and confidence to our players out on the course. We do that by getting our students to achieve measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time.”

Many other golf instructors or services will offer a specific way to swing and try and get clients to mirror or mimic that as close as possible, recommending that the closer a golfer can get to the ‘right swing’ the more successful they will be. GLA counters this by focusing on what a golfer is looking to accomplish and building a program for them that will allow them to achieve that goal. GLA strongly believes that not everyone needs to have a perfect swing to play successful golf.

“It’s like the skills of a quarterback. There are a lot of successful QBs in the NFL, but not one of them throws exactly the same,” Elledge explained. “Some set their feet differently, some come over the top more and so on. Or compare jump shots in the NBA, not all shooters look the same.”

“We try to just have a simple approach that is understandable. We focus on the required skills instead of just looking at the swing itself,” Elledge continued. “People will say ‘you have to hit this way, or focus exclusively on the face, or the plane, or your hips or whatever. We work on applicable concepts first and then the swing usually of takes care of itself.”

Bockin and Elledge focus on guiding their players to solutions instead of telling them what to do or what’s wrong with their swing. By asking questions they encourage their players to think through their shots and have a better understanding of why the ball did what it did. Questions like, was my self talk productive or destructive?, did I have a distance or direction problem?, or did I experience a free swinging motion?, allow their players to start processing through their swing without jumping to mechanics right away.

“Making measurable progress in reasonable time is the key. Otherwise, this whole process doesn’t really matter. We never want to lack clarity on what someone wants to achieve,” Bockin said. “We‘ll help you to assess your current skill set and lay out the roadmap to achieve the desired outcome”.

GLA’s impressive facility has some of the latest offerings in golf technology including TrackMan, ForeSight GCQuad and GC2, SAM PuttLab and V1 Video Capture. Soon a Putting Perfection Platform will be installed which features hydraulics to mimic and create any possible slopes and breaks on a green. This technology allows players to get that measurable feedback and see the improvements they are making.

For more information, visit or call 248-615-0550.

PING Golf Club Fitting Day – Saturday, March 27

PING Golf Club Fitting
PING Golf Club Fitting Day – Saturday, March 27, 2021

Dear GLA Family,

PING Golf returns to GLA on Saturday, March 27!

Adam Sanders will be on-site to custom-fit your new clubs just in time for the season.

Appointments are from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. and are available now.

Improperly fit clubs will cost you strokes. You have to love every club in your bag.

More comfort and confidence comes from knowing you’re going to flush it every time!


Ben and Chad

P.S. Book your fitting on Saturday, March 27 – our last PING Fitting Day filled quickly!

Make More Short Putts!

Dear GLA Family,

We’ve all been there.

The must-make putt to beat your friends.

The knee-knocking slider to win all the cash.

The final putt to win your club championship – or your Sunday family game. 

It’s an awful feeling after a must-make putt slides by the hole.

It feels worse when your tentative stroke was full of nerves and doomed to fail before you started. 

Watch this video and you’ll learn to send those shorties into the hole with confidence. 

Sully and Bogey dropped by the GLA with one goal – make more short putts.

Ben and Chad give them the keys and it starts with keeping things simple.

You’ll instantly feel more comfort and confidence inside 10 feet.

Your wallet and trophy case will thank you for watching.

Your competitors won’t.


Ben and Chad

P.S. Great putters train in the fall and winter to drop bombs in the spring and summer!

Trajectory Control

Trajectory control – hitting the golf ball high and low on demand – is crucial to lower golf scores. Controlling the flight of your golf ball is essential when playing golf in the wind and escaping from trouble on the golf course like the deep trees or tall grass.

There’s nothing more damaging to your score than taking a bad shot and making it worse. Big numbers are always lurking if you complicate trouble situations. 

If triple- and quadruple-bogeys show up too often on your scorecard, you need to watch this video!

Kyle Bogey from the Metro Detroit Golfers recently came to GLA and addressed trouble shots. 

You’ll learn to simplify situations in the woods or tall grass and get the ball back in play.  You’ll align your expectations with reality and discover that easy bogeys really aren’t so bad. And you’ll stop compounding mistakes with costly decisions that send your scores to the moon!


Ben and Chad

P.S. Great players train in the fall and winter for success in the spring and summer.

Make More Putts For Only 25 Cents!

Make more putts is any golfer’s goal, and there’s one major key to putting: speed.

Good speed allows the ball to enter the hole from many different lines. Poor speed limits the lines the ball can enter from.

Proper speed leads to more made putts, easy tap-ins, and fewer 3-putts. We’ve all seen how poor speed can harm scores and confidence.

If your speed control is off, grab your putter, a quarter, and watch this video!

You’ll develop control of your putting stroke and eliminate the hitting motion. You’ll learn to dial in your speed on the greens very quickly.

More comfort and confidence with your putter is just 25 cents away!