We place high school golfers on college golf teams by guiding them through the chaotic landscape of college golf recruiting!


To get placed, you must clearly understand the recruiting process and execute a plan.

At the GLA, we know you want to be recruited to play college golf. The college golf recruiting process is complex and accelerated. It can make you feel frustrated and overwhelmed that you’ll miss your shot to play college golf.

We understand your college choice is a life decision, which is why we guide our students through the process step-by-step until college placement.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Step 1: Set the Foundation

  2. Step 2: Operation Outreach

  3. Step 3: Visit and Decide

So, enroll in GLA’s College Placement Program. And in the meantime, keep improving your golf skills. So you can stop being overlooked and instead sign with the college golf team of your dreams!