Looking to take the next step with your golf swing?
Trying to break 100, break 90, or break 80?

We help intermediate golfers gain more comfort, clarity, and confidence.


Indoor Golf Lessons Near Me Novi Michigan


Ben and Chad welcome all types of golfers to GLA’s heated indoor golf training facility in Novi. Intermediate golfers are welcome!

Golf Lessons Near Me Novi Michigan


Ben and Chad coach with direct and simple language. They eliminate the myths of golf instruction with clear action steps free of confusing jargon and lingo.

Golf Swing Coach Novi Michigan


As your physical and mental golf skills improve, you’ll gain confidence where it matters most: playing golf on the golf course!

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You are guaranteed to find practical solutions that allow you to make measurable process toward your golf goals in reasonable time.

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Beginner Golf Lessons


Many intermediate golfers experience frustration and anxiety trying to take their golf game to the next level! There’s no worse feeling as a golfer than not playing to your potential or not shooting the scores you are capable of shooting.

Shooting lower golf scores and lowering your golf handicap requires focus and effort over time. Attempting this process without a golf coach or golf instructor can feel like running in quicksand. The wrong golf coaching can make golf improvement even harder.

Your golf swing and body type is one-of-a-kind! Yet traditional golf instruction offers a one-size-fits-all approach, typically modeling golf swings after PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professional golfers.

Intermediate golfers make progress toward their golf goals with a series of private golf lessons. Advanced coaching makes it simple, effective, and fun to hone in on specific golf goals. Ben and Chad’s coaching helps golfers that play recreational golf or competitive tournament golf.

GLA’s state-of-the-art heated indoor golf training facility is located in Novi, Michigan. GLA gives golfers an empowering training environment for golf practice and simulator golf indoors. Ben Bockin and Chad Elledge are ready to help lead you to lower scores!


Indoor Golf Lessons Near Me
Golf Lessons in Novi, Michigan