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Club fitting matters. You’ll gain a complete understanding of how your equipment can work better for you.

Golf Lessons Near Me Novi Michigan


Optimize your golf club specs and shot patterns – without losing yourself in technical jargon.

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Play the best golf clubs for your swing and your game – you’ll have more fun as your scores get lower and lower!

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You are guaranteed to find PING golf clubs that allow you to make measurable process toward your golf goals.

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PING Golf Club Fitting
PING Golf Club Fitting


Golf club fitting is one of the most important elements of the game. There’s no worse feeling as a golfer than not playing to your potential or not hitting the golf shots and shooting the golf scores you are capable of shooting.

Club fitting matters! Each golfer comes with a different swing and body type. Your golf swing and body type is one-of-a-kind! Yet traditional golf instruction offers a one-size-fits-all approach, typically modeling golf swings after PGA Tour and LPGA Tour professional golfers.

PING offers the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, one proven to generate the optimal ball flights and consistency you need to shoot lower scores.

To personalize your fitting experience, we offer both a Level 1 or a Level 2 fitting, which is more in-depth. With either option, you come away with the exact club specifications that fit your individual swing to deliver the results you’re looking for.


PING Golf Club Fitting Near Me
Golf Club Fitting in Novi, Michigan